Most frequent questions and answers

A sound massage is a treatment with singing bowls, which are positioned on your body and make you feel soft vibrations. The sound massage takes 30 to 90 minutes. To get to know the instruments and the sequence, you should book 60 minutes or more for the first time. So we can clear all questions before.

We use the relaxation of the sound massage to ease hypnosis. Sometimes clients can feel blockage because the sound stops at this location. Sound and hypnosis techniques solve half the blockages.

For sound hypnosis, it takes 60 to 90 minutes to reach a harmonic and balanced end.

Ross Emmet lives in Australia. When he was 12 years old, he started to look after animals in an animal shelter. He found out that special points show specific reactions in these. So he became a little “animal doctor”, and people brought sick animals to him. Later, he became a massage and bodywork therapist and an instructor for human clients.

In the course of time, he developed lots of new handles for specific disorders.

His aim was to bring the client back to static balance, reduce pain, and relax people.

Emmet technique works with holding specific points for 4 to 20 seconds, or switching or stroking over muscle belly or trigger points.

To show the effect, he developed functional tests before and after treatment so that the client could see and feel the difference. It is impressive.

Everybody is able to learn this wonderful technique for self-treatment or doing relaxation on other people. You don’t need a medical education.

Workshops will be given regularly when the house is built. At the moment, we have to find a location. If you have any interest, please contact us.

Yes, of course, we can contact them online for many offers.

More and more people learned how to manage Zoom and other new ways of communication.

The following offers are available online:

  • Psychotherapy (behavioural therapy)
  • Medical Hypnosis
  • Kinesiology combined with EMDR
  • Coaching
  • TimeWaver Analysis
  • TimeWaver Coaching
  • Individual nutrition advice
  • Holistic naturopathic advice
  • Homöopathic medical history
  • Homöopathic follow-up


Please contact us by clicking on the specific offer.

Our house is just arising and is not available at the moment. Smaller Groups find some place in our little Sound-Studio in Cantilena Complex in Sunny Beach. If you want to book us for a special purpose with more people, we will find a location, for example, in a fitness centre or hotel conference room.

Please visit the contact us page to get in touch or email info@einklang.art

As holistic health advisors, we take:

100 euros for 60 minutes, and 50 euros for 30 minutes (inclusive of 20% taxes).

In some treatments, we have costs for material, so please request an individual offer.

TimeWaver gives positive frequencies for 4 weeks. It takes 50 euros to do this.

Alternatively you can order a bill from me according to the fee schedule of doctors. Then you can check if your private insurance will make a payment.

Courses for groups cost 10 Euro per hour, per person.