Vita Maren Pohl-Hauptmann:

1989-1993: Study of Medicine in Hannover MHH

1989-1995 Working as an Assistant in Helmstedt Internal Medicine and Surgery

1997 Licence to work as a General Practitioner

Homöopathy courses A-F, Acupuncture courses for B-dioloma

2003 Building a practise house for being a general practitioner

2005-2009: biological medicine (University of Mailand Italy).

2009-12 Master of Arts in complementary medicine and cultural studies

2009-2022 Practise together with my husband, Andreas Hauptmann.

Licence to be an instructor for autogenic training

2013-2017 Systemic Osteopathy (Anton Hack)

2014-2017 sound massage practitioner (Peter Hess)

Since 2018 instructor for Peter Hess Sound Massage Courses 1–4.

Hypnosis teachers: Friedbert Becker, Gabriele Schabbach-Schuh, and Dr. Uwe Ross

2020-2022 Emmet Technique practitioner (osteopathic technique after Ross Emmet)

2022 Instructor for Emmet Technique Workshop for self-treatment

2019-2022 Psychotherapy (behavioural therapy) MOVA-Institut Hamburg

Additional designations: chirotherapy, acupuncture, and naturopathy

Vita Andreas

1976–1980 Naval Officer

A sailing trip across the Atlantic, backpacking tour in Colombia and Ecuador

1986-1991 Study of Medicine, University of Witten/Herdecke

1991–1993, internal medicine at the “Evangelischen Krankenhaus in Hagen-Haspe”

1994–1995 Gynaecology and Obstetrics in St. Anna’s Hospital in Herne

1995–97 Surgery at St. Vincent Hospital in Mend

Participation in rescue services

1997-2009 general practitioner in a homoeopathic naturopathic practise in Hamm

2005-2009: biological medicine, University of Mailand/ Italy

2008 Mental Regulation Therapy Christoph Ryss

2009–2022, general practitioner in community with my wife, Maren Pohl-Hauptmann

2009 mediated and healer training Rosina Sonnenschmidt

2009-2013 Master of Arts in complementary medicine and cultural studies in Europe, University of Viadrina

2010-2019 Gienow Method in Homöopathy

2019-22 Education in Psychotherapy (Behavioural Therapy) MOVA Institut Hamburg

2020–2022, Emmet Technique practitioner (osteopathic technique of Ross Emmet)

Additional designations

Homöopathy, chirotherapy, and diving medicine (GTÜM)

Andreas Hauptmann will work as a freelancer in our company