The Möbius Belt

Our Logo

Our very special and personal logo is the so-called „Möbiusband“, Mobius belt. Above you can see the wooden sculpture that we bought from an American artist

You can receive a „Möbius-Band“ when you cut an annular tape once, turn the ends 180 degrees and refix them. This creates a spatial twist that is extraordinary and unique.

The Mobius Belt stands for the so-called biverse, the connection between „space-time“ and „time-space“

It stands for everything (wooden frame) and nothing (hollow space)

By looking at the shadows you can imagine a lying eight as a symbol of eternity.

The inner annular structure points out a strong connection while the twisting strips form a sort of opening to all directions.

In addition, the play of the shadows awakens the association of the yin and yang symbol.

For us, the Mobius Belt represents our strong personal connectedness same as the male and female principles in the polarity of this earth life.

It stands for the flow of sound and silence, talking and listening and the interaction of thinking and feeling into each other.

Further on for the merging of ancient and new knowledge and the togetherness of conventional and complementary medicine.

The opening sides of the stripes show the multiple possibilities in between the respective extremes and let us guess that even the borders of the binary world can be dissolved and let us perceive what beyond these will be.