The way back to harmony by Acupuncture

As a very old empirical treatment concept, acupuncture belongs to traditional Chinese medicine (TCM).
There are a large number of scientific studies on the effectiveness of acupuncture and its use as part of an acupuncture anaesthetic will convince even the most sceptical.

Acupuncture needles are placed at specific points to affect the flow of energy in the energy pathways known as meridians. Needles can be tonic (stimulating) or sedating (calming). One can balance fullness and emptiness states.
There is body, ear and skull acupuncture.
Cave: You should be careful with therapy with blood thinners, as large hematomas or bleeding can occur.

Indications for acupuncture are:

  • the pain of any kind
  • overweight
  • smoking cessation
  • high blood pressure
  • anaesthesia and much more


An acupuncture treatment lasts 30-60 minutes

“I always have a point”


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