The way back to harmony by Coaching

Sometimes we feel like we can’t find our way to the right job, partner or purpose in life.
We work, eat, sleep and then the hamster wheel starts all over again.
In short: we just work.
Caught up in our duties and outside expectations, we try to fill the emptiness inside with the wrong things: TV, smoking, alcohol, sweets, and maybe even drugs.

In our coaching sessions, we want to find out together what our client really wants, what the real goals in life are and how to achieve them step by step. The legendary philosopher Lao-tse said as early as 600 BC: “Even the greatest journey begins with the first step”.
We work out the negative thought patterns that prevent our path to complete happiness and prosperity.
If desired, the TimeWaver can be used to support us in the coaching process with a finely tuned questionnaire and concrete cause analysis and action planning.

The first coaching session takes: 90 minutes
Follow-up appointments: 60 minutes
Plus the frequency broadcast of the positive impulses by the TimeWaver for 4 weeks

“Today is a nice day because I decided to be happy”


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