The way back to harmony by homeopathy

Meanwhile, we have scientific studies of high quality that confirm, that homeopathy has a clear effect more than the so-called placebo.

This coincides with our decades-long experience in our work as general practitioners. Just kids react very strongly to the different homeopathic globuli.

In the pictures to the right, you can see the inventor of homeopathy,  Samuel Hahnemann, and his pocket pharmacy.

Because of our multiple Educations in Biological Medicine (University of Mailand), Master of Arts in complementary medicine and cultural studies (European University Viadrina) and homeopathy courses we acquired extensive knowledge to accompany you on your way.



  • First session: 60 minutes
  • Follow up: 30 minutes 

If a chemist examines homeopathic medicine he finds water and alcohol. If he examines a disc he will find iron oxide and vinyl. However, both of them can contain a great deal of information.

Dr. Peter Fisher, research leader of  the Royal London Homeopathic Hospital


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