The way back to harmony by naturopathy

Since Hildegard von Bingen (1098-1179) and much later Maria Treben (1907-1991), herbal remedies have been well known in our culture and are often much preferred by patients to chemical substances.
Pastor Kneipp is said to have once said that there is no disease that cannot be treated with a herb.
In our naturopathic courses, we learned the basics of modern phytotherapy, balneotherapy (Kneipp water treading and affusions), wraps, juice theory, regulatory therapy and much more.
The Master of Arts in complementary medicine/cultural studies allowed us to deepen this knowledge so that we can provide you with good advice.
Dr. med. Maren Pohl-Hauptmann acquired the additional qualification of “Naturopathic Treatment”

Holistic naturopathic advice:
First contact: 60 minutes
Follow-up: 30 minutes

Hippocrates (* around 460 BC on Kos, in Astypalaia/Kefalos; † around 370 BC in Larisa, Thessaly) .
The most effective medicine is the natural healing power that lies within each of us.
The doctor treats, nature heals. Latin: Medicus curat, natura sanat. The doctor can only be her faithful servant and helper; he will learn from her, but never nature from him.

“The doctor treats nature heals: lat.: Medicus curat, natura sanat.

Hippocrates of Kos 


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