THE WAY BACK TO HARMONY BY Treatment of the body

Our thoughts, feelings and habits have a great influence on our body posture. In addition, we are exposed to one-sided burdens, awkward positions at work, and sometimes even in leisure time or hobbies.

In the beginning, we can see muscle tension and hardening. These can lead to blockages and later to arthrosis and severe pain, when we don`t do something to prevent this.

We would be happy to advise you, which sort of treatment could be helpful for you and which exercises can relieve your symptoms.

Because of our multiple knowledge in chiropractic, osteopathy, Emmet Technique, Liebscher & Bracht, Tera force and cupping massage, we are available to give you some good advice.  

Osteopathy/ Emmet Technique: 60 minutes

Chirotherapy: 30 minutes

Liebscher und Bracht: 30 minutes

Cupping massage: 30 minutes

“Be good to your body so that your soul likes living in it”

Teresa v Avila 1515-1582 n. Chr.


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