The way back to harmony by sound

Peter Hess, the inventor of sounds massage and sound therapy summarizes the effects as follows us:

The sound of the singing bowl touches our innermost being,

It makes our souls vibrate,

The sound gently dissolves tensions,

promotes self-healing powers,

and releases creative energies.

The swinging of the sound instruments makes us feel soft vibrations, like a micro-massage. Often we can perceive the spreading of these sound waves over the whole body.

The following silence is one of the most touching moments with feelings of cozy warmth, relaxation, peace and safety.

Peter Hess: Pressefoto PHI:

Sound massage: 30-90 minutes, please book 60 minutes for your first date to get to know the sound instruments and clarify the process of the sound massage

Sound therapy: 60-90 minutes

Sound hypnosis: 90-120 minutes, extension by one hour is possible

Sound Meditation in groups 60 minutes

Tam Tam Gong experiences individual sessions or in groups 30-60 minutes

Sound Workshops 1-4 you can book on the website:


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